2017 NBA All Star Weekend in Charlotte in Jeopardy?

2017 NBA All Star Weekend in Charlotte in Jeopardy?

 CHARLOTTE—After Charlotte City Council approved funding for police and fire services Monday, the Queen City is closer to hosting the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. Though the coalition running the event still needs to account for some of the funding.

“Like a lot of these deals, we tried to get lots of partners involved in them. In this case, we had the Hornets, we had the city,” said Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority President Tom Murray.

Murray says the coalition will spend $2.6 million to use Time Warner Cable Arena, the Convention Center and Bojangles' Coliseum.

Another $1.15 million will go to marketing and production. There's also a $750,000 hosting fee.

The city just approved $600,000 for city services like police and fire protection.

Finally-- another $750,000 covers sales tax for sponsor tickets.

The overall price tag is just shy of $6 million -- and they've raised all but the last $800,000.

“So we've asked the county if they'd be supportive of assisting in a similar fashion that the city did. And we hope to bring them in,” said Murray.

Though that'll have to wait for the next budget year.

They're also looking for tax breaks.

“We've talked to the governor,” Murray said. “And we're working on ways to see if we can get that from the state.”

They hope sponsorships will cover the rest.

But it's worth it-- he says.

“Last year's event was in New York City. It was close to $200 million in economic impact,” said Murray.

For Charlotte, officials estimate that figure at about $100 million, a closer figure to New Orleans’ take in 2014.

That not a bad haul, they say, for all the effort.

“We know that it works. People who see our advertising come to our city, and they spend money,” Murray said.


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