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NBA All Star Toronto Tickets Setting Record Sales for NBA All Star Weekend Prices

The NBA All Star Weekend is going to be in Canada for the first time ever. The city of Toronto will host the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend. Last year it was in New York City and the numbers didn't add up for NYC, but Toronto is kicking New York's butt when it comes to ticket sales and pricing. We are seeing 4 tickets lower bowl go for $3,000 a ticket and more. This is going to be an exclusive event. Buy your tickets now before it sells out.

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NBA Events Offering NBA All Star Weekend Lower Bowl Event Packages for 2 People - $15K!

Lower bowl tickets to the NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto are now proving to be for the filthy rich and 1 percents. The NBA All Star Weekend use to be a party weekend and everyone had a good time. However, it is turning into a corporate function where only the highly paid people can pay to play. Taking a look at the NBA Events All Star Weekend Packages, you can see a party of 2 would be Fifteen Thousand Dollars! This isn't even including travel accommodations. WOW!

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